Bloodthrone - Mayhem Upon The Heavens lyrics

Mayhem upon the heavens
Destruction in the skies
Demons casting angels
To their ultimate demise
Through the twilight
Darkness and moon arise
Death shall come
And carry us all away!

Through the twilight
We see heavens gates
We call upon thee
To unleash the ancient flame
Of satanic age
Blood is life, blood is guilt
Disguised by hate
Disguised by hate
In the pale azure dawn
Like the heavens rebirth
I tore free from a hollow grave
Spawned by the unholy entity
I thirst the darkness that flows
In the river of souls

Now I'm laid to rest
Blessed with thy eternal darkness
That I longed, I desired
Mistress of the dark
Oh goddess of the night
Will my dreams forever
Haunt my sleep?
Will these dreams forever
Haunt my sleep?