Bloodline - Inhale Thorns lyrics

(Music: Bloodline; Lyrics: Set)

Admire my murdering foms
brought to life by mingling horns
My burning path I walk - now is time to inhale thorns
The very core of my possession
Invert the Axis,
Defy creation!
Once I started into your Eye
I am not I shall become
A curse upon the earth
Bow down, pray for eternity
May it never end!
May it nver end...
Deathspell proceeds - as my need to collect souls
till the worldsoul can take no more
as I rip the Veil - feeding moans of the Great Whore
Maya cries forevermore
unleashing wolfish unchained desire
your chained souls I force to Admire
Everywhere the choir resounds:
Praise hail Khaos!
Eternally unbound!
The last stab to your existece plot
behold Jeovah left to die!