Blood In The Water - Just Before Dawn lyrics

It was a Friday night
Another nocturnal delight
Just a time for fun and friends
Not even three seconds into the night
I've been struck by the bottle
A pack of cougars
The wild jackals in hideous form
When I turn my head, there is a legion
They smell of overpriced martinis and Talbots clothing
They like the youth and they think they still have it
You're old and proud, and on the prowl
Baby, just me buy me one more drink
And I'll pretend I'm your emotional friend
Three later, I'm completely reversed
In an unknown car
Cold leather seats and a DVD on the dash
I'm in an import van
Your sad and tired face just does not work for me
What I did tonight
You're fucking up my head
Your sad and tired face doesn't work for me
I have your head in my lap
To squeeze all the life from you
Not just young but also vicious