Blind Witness - Mr. Loser lyrics

I wake up and look into my closet

i found my shirt i thought that i lost it

if i wore this would i get picked on

in my mind they are all gone


Oh No not again

i cant tell whos my friend

no one will dance with me

Mr. Loser yeah thats me


The prep with the thing up his butt

the basketball team that i got cut

stupid glasses i need to see

these things they irratate me


pretty girl locker next to mine

she refused my valentine

its so hard to get chicks these days

im sick of the games she plays



these things are like a brick wall

i smack into them they make me fall

to these things that get in my way

listen to me when i say

That i dont care and i dont care

i dont care and i dont care



and i dont care