Bleeding Through - For Love And Failing lyrics

I dont give a fuck.
I'm not afraid of the worst.
I'm the sheep who lost his way.
Still looking for it everyday.
I'll face neglect every curse you wish to throw at me. Without trying i would never fail and i fell in love with failure

I can't see through your eyes.
what do you see a disgrace another lie.
Today I'll start being perfect.
Cut you open to expose your insides.
Cut you open expose your insides

I know .
I'm still counting scares from everytime you cried.
And I remember the first time you died.
Tonight i want to bleed along with you.
Here's to craving everything you do.

And I'm taking you on.
and I'm taking you on
cause I got nothing left to prove to you.
I got nothing left to prove to you.
I've got nothing left to prove