Bleeding Daylight - Set Me Free lyrics

I'm searching deep inside me, for anything to guide me,
But I can't find myself, i need somebody else,
So I look up to you, a big brother for life.
No longer am I lost, no longer am I blind.
I wanted to be just like you,
I wished to see myself in you,
But every time I look at you you're just as weak as me
I thought you were my idol
I thought you were my friend.
But then you turned away,
Why won't you set me free.

A change in mindset, my eyes open wide.
I'm seeing double vision, there's something you can't hide.
Built up around your secrets, serrated from the lies.
I can see all your faults, as your integrity dies.
There's no more hiding it, we hear the inner cries,
It's time to open up, it's time to open wide
........and let me take what's mine.
.........I feel the spirit die.
.........Stop playing with my mind.
But then I turn around, and look into your eyes,
and see all your hate, built up deep inside.
I see you're just like me, minus truth and pride.
I am above you, and your life was a lie.

I thought you were my savior
I thought you trusted me
But then you turned your back on me
Why won't you set me free.
Just set me free.