Blank Logic - Wasted Seasons lyrics

Verse 1: This house is haunted by your ghost.
Ever since you went away.
This bed is to big, to lay here by myself.
And my heart is full of pain.

Chorus: You said hold nothing back, open up your heart.
And let me in it.
Well I put it on my sleeve for all the world to see.
And you said forget it.

Verse 2: My thoughts dwell upon your face.
And my loves turned into hate.
Thinking of you with another guy.
Takes everything I've got not to break down and cry.

Chorus: 1x

Bridge: It's hard to be alone, when your all I know.
It's hard to live without you.
It's hard to open up, but you said that I should trust,
And never doubt you.

Chorus: 1x