Blank Logic - Stuck lyrics

Verse 1: Another night stuck at home, all alone.
Please help me out, I want to roam.

Pre-Chorus: 'Cause living life through a window,
aint no life at all
trapped in tiny room thats way to small
it's way to small.

Verse 2: I think about you from 9 to 3.
That's when there's nothing on T.V.

Pre-Chorus: 1X

Chorus: I need someone,who cares
yeah they'll be there,yeah they'll be there
to help me out,without a doubt
yeah they'll be there,yeah they'll be there

Verse 3: I used to be an o.k. guy,
now im a home fly.
So much to tell,
my room's my cell.

Pre-Chorus: 1X

Bridge: 'Cause it's so lame,
when no one knows your name.
and it's so sad that my life,
is so bad.

Chorus: 1X