BlakRoc - Done Did It (feat. Nicole Wray & Noe) lyrics (Chinese translation). | (Verse One - NOE)
, Yeah I settle back into the breeze
, Get my cracker barrel on and focus on the...
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BlakRoc - Done Did It (feat. Nicole Wray & Noe) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: (Verse One - NOE)
ZH: (诗歌一-NOE)

EN: Yeah I settle back into the breeze
ZH: 是重新融入微风

EN: Get my cracker barrel on and focus on the cheese
ZH: 让我饼干桶,专注于奶酪

EN: Cheddar come, cheddar go, cheddar spend
ZH: 切达干酪过来,切去,切达干酪花

EN: I'm showin up in Heaven with a nut, let us in
ZH: 我我舒在天堂与坚果,让我们在

EN: The airport, the four point Sheraton
ZH: 在机场的四个点喜来登酒店

EN: Holdin fifty G's in the duffel for a friend
ZH: 一个朋友在旅行袋中裙五十 G

EN: He better come get it , a friend is a friend
ZH: 他更好地来得到它,朋友就是我

EN: But if the hunger pain win than he better come with it
ZH: 但如果饥饿痛赢比他更好地用它来

EN: I done did it
ZH: 我做

EN: The game and the critic
ZH: 游戏与批评家

EN: Puttin' diesel out like the Chronicles of Riddick
ZH: 爽柴油出像瑞迪编年史

EN: Im acidic when the cigar is litted
ZH: Im 酸性时抽雪茄是销

EN: I'm the best of my pedigree, all things considered
ZH: 我是血统的最棒的我,一切情况都考虑

EN: I can't count all the goons outfitted in arraignments and secret indicts to outwit it
ZH: 我不能数盆中霉气的所有打手和秘密控告者战胜它

EN: I'm still swampy
ZH: 我仍然沼泽

EN: Bitches still want me
ZH: 婊子还想让我

EN: The impact I had on the block
ZH: 我在块上产生的影响

EN: It still haunts me
ZH: 它仍然阴魂不散

EN: So many beards in the game going grey
ZH: 这么多胡子在游戏灰色

EN: The body wanna rest put the brain wanna stay
ZH: 正文想休息休息放脑想要留下来

EN: Streets ain't a place, it's a thought
ZH: 街道不是一个地方,它是思想

EN: Can't make long money when niggas tempers is short
ZH: 当黑鬼脾气很短不能长时间赚钱

EN: I can guarantee you lose with a hsort fuse
ZH: 我可以保证你失去与 hsort 保险丝

EN: But I can guarantee a mink when you think
ZH: 但当你认为,我可以保证水貂

EN: (Verse Two - NOE)
ZH: (诗歌两-NOE)

EN: Damn I'm seein' niggas in my sleep
ZH: 妈的我是在我睡觉的时候看到黑鬼

EN: Same ones who helped me trap figures in the street
ZH: 同一批人帮我陷阱在街上的数字

EN: From the spirit and beyond, they agree
ZH: 从精神之外,他们同意

EN: Wealth has a cover price, death is the fee
ZH: 财富有一个封面价格、 死亡的费用是

EN: I thought clear when I was younger bout the dime
ZH: 我以为明确年轻 bout 一毛钱的时候

EN: But the appetite for money tends to navigate the mind
ZH: 但对钱的胃口往往导航心

EN: I knew smart well, structured a new cartel
ZH: 嗯,就知道智能结构化一个新的卡特尔

EN: They gave me that new car smell
ZH: 他们给了我那辆新车气味

EN: Vain, with a deep sharp pain
ZH: 枉然,深疼

EN: OGs dubbin me the street Mark Twain
ZH: OGs dubbin 我街道的马克 · 吐温

EN: Pokerface in the middle of a drop off
ZH: 在落 Pokerface

EN: Keep tellin' me he good keep my socks on
ZH: 告诉我他很好的保持保持我的袜子

EN: I'm in a rush, show the money like Maguire
ZH: 我是在匆忙,显示钱像马圭尔

EN: Or get your ass nestled in the trunk like a tire
ZH: 或把屁股坐落在树干象轮胎

EN: Situations is dire I'm not a new buyer
ZH: 情况是严峻我不是一个新的买家

EN: Get it or you can feel the Nick CannonCannon like Mariah CareyMariah
ZH: 把它或者你可以感觉到像玛丽亚凯莉 CareyMariah 尼克 CannonCannon

EN: (Verse Three - NOE)
ZH: (诗歌三-NOE)

EN: You niggas joke with your money
ZH: 你爱你和你的钱开玩笑

EN: Sit up in your mans crib and smoke with your money
ZH: 坐你勒芒婴儿床和烟用你的钱

EN: Like everythings chummy
ZH: 像一切亲密

EN: Ok, well we'll take yours and we live like the Pope with your money
ZH: 好的那么我们会拿走你和我们生活像教皇一样用你的钱

EN: Thats funny, get ghost with your money
ZH: 这就是好笑,拿鬼用你的钱

EN: And bring the game a whole new approach with your money
ZH: 并带来一种新的做法,用你的钱的游戏

EN: See you niggas rather boast with your money
ZH: 看看你爱你用你的钱而是吹嘘

EN: And see how many bitches you can grope with your money
ZH: 看看你可以摸索用你的钱的多少婊子

EN: I sell you a jewel, never let the money overrule
ZH: 我卖给你一颗宝石,永远不会让钱推翻

EN: 'Cause it rules over life and the doom
ZH: 因为它对生活和世界末日的规则

EN: Clean with the vest, I stress, invest
ZH: 清洁与背心,我强调,投资

EN: A drug dealer's dream is a dream nonetheless
ZH: 毒贩梦不过是一场梦

EN: Yeah I settled back into the beat
ZH: 是的我重新融入节拍

EN: With the ratchet stickin out the cracks in the seat
ZH: 棘轮闪出裂缝的位子

EN: Now back in the street
ZH: 现在回到在街上

EN: My young boys are askin to eat
ZH: 我年轻的男孩是朝吃

EN: Tough guy you ain't lastin' a week
ZH: 你不是 lastin' 一周的硬汉