Blai - Tear Me Down lyrics

If there's a place in my heart I've kept selfishly, won't You take it
And if my spirit is stubborn and unyielding to You, won't You break it

For I long to be desperately devoted
For I long to feel and I long to see You

If there's a space in my soul You haven't consumed, please consume it
And if I lose my way, Holy Spirit illuminate my direction

If I should fall today, have I still the right to say that I am Your child?
Am I Yours?

If temptations knocking down my door help me sense it
And if impurity is dirtying my mind help me cleanse it

Take this life. Take it from me
Small price to pay for the gift of eternity in Your love
Oh heaven above is my home
God, I forfeit my soul. Please enter in and make me feel whole
No longer betrothed to sin. Lord enter in. I'm Yours

As I lay me down to sleep, Lord, I pray that you would make me meek
I know they're wrong, 'cause they think I'm strong,
but I'm nothing without You
Why am I so afraid? Why have I made "myself" an idol?
I'm bowing to the god of "me”. Won't you tear me down