Blackstar - Beautiful lyrics

[Mos Def, Kweli, Background singers]
(yes you areee, you're so beautiful)
(on your knees)
Absolutely fantastic
(in my life)
Absolutely fantastic
(on my feet)
All the world fantastic
Absolutely fantastic
(come to meee)
*quietly*(scientifically, scientifically)**
(down again, so we'll wash it over me)

Tell the world

[Mos Def]
I dreamt that I could paint you in words
But there were no colors, bright enough
Black or white enough
Blue or green enough
It didnt mean enough
You are the star to touch the earth
Shine bright for all eyes to see,
Radiate and touch me
Now im shining like you do
It was dim before I knew you
Bright light for weeping eyes to get used to
Trust who? thats some shit I had to adjust to
Soon as you relax they ease back and cold bust you
Love murdered in brooklyn, sound the alarm
But you still remain calm
My passion is unarmed
I try to practice my warlike tactics
But in your clutch, in your touch
My armor, just collapses
Such bliss breeds obliviousness
I recollect sweet breath still wet on my lips
My prayers this:
God protect my beloved
And keep her covered
From the valley to the summit
Like the land undiscovered
Like the stars outnumbered, you are so beautiful.

Background singers [Kweli & Mos Def]
[im doing my best so I can be true to you]
On your knees
[aint nothin in this world I wouldnt do for you]
In my life
[you're my everything more than ever and usual]
On my feet
[like the stars outnumbered you are so beautiful]
[you shine so very far from where I stand]
Come to me
[from a distant land understand who I am]
Down again, we can wash it over me.]

(Talib Kweli)
You know what!
They say that beauty's in the eye of the beholder
So I use my third, and now our love is solid like a boulder
Wanna build with you as I get older, and thats my word
Sure as I stand on my ancestor's shoulders
You see through my drama and my world like a stage
Not the same years but livin in the same age
Its the Kwelity not the quantity
Follow me
Far from probably.