Blackmass - I Call Upon Thee lyrics

(Music: Lord Aeshma, Lyric: Magus Dux Adramelech)

With earthquakes damnation the ground
The Heaven came down
The Armageddon raise from the dead
In suicide places when the souls are lost
On the cross nailed soon will die
The Antichrist comes
In an eternal war against Christ we'll be forever
Lord of darkest flames,
Keeper of holy sin
Around the clouds become so dark and dense
Sunset and the Luna full with blood and pain
The stillborn has come
...Lucifer ...the Great...
I Call Upon Thee lord of the lords
In this cold night

As the shadows set in and chalice spill o'er blood
Satan warlord came to rule the Earth
Christians tremble before his cruelty and harshness
Master of night with hid wings cover us