Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - Swinging From The Chains Of Love lyrics


I built a little love nest we set it on fire
Down came the tree that held our desire
Now there's no one home on this broken branch so I'm movin' on

And I'm not done with these passionate chains
I'm draggin' them around town making such a sad sound
You better look out mama 'cause I'm so strung out
Swingin' from these chains of love

I've got a dirty little story if you really want to hear
About a dirty little bird that used to come around here
But the booze dried up and the car won't start so I'm movin' on


Chains of love
Keeping me from the ground
Chains of love
Swingin' from these chains

I caught a little bird I grabbed her and kissed her
Boy was I surprised when I seen your sister
But when the sun goes down all cinnamon brown I'm movin' on


Swingin' from the chains of love
Swingin' from the chains of love
Swingin' from the chains of love

Drums: Gary
Bass: John
Piano: Richard
Electric Guitar, Harmony Vocal: Colin
Acoustic And Electric Guitars, Duet Vocal: Stephen
Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal: Tom

©Darryl Sterdan/Winnipeg Sun