Black Tape For A Blue Girl - Curious, Yet Ashamed lyrics

Say yes, say yes, say yes
I said no, oh no
I said no, say yes
Let's go, let it flow
Say yes to the universe
Let go, oh no, I said no

when you say no you block the flow of the universe
.. things I've denied
Things I've hidden from
Say yes, say yes,
Your freedom available here
I am so wounded and stunted man
rambling through life blindly ashamed

Curious. Curious
Curious. Curious

Intrigue images sexuality
It's all here before my eyes
What's this, what's that

Shut down for so long
I am feeling blocked, the blows
The connection
It shows me I'm loved

Stumble out of my shell
Stumble out of my cage
Into the bright unbelievable night

.. tie me to the wheel

Why do we feel ashamed
What if we trusted ourselves

Curious, Yet Ashamed
We meet a girl who looks like a boy
Or a boy who looks like a girl

Curious, Yet Ashamed
Perhaps ... of furr
a guardian, a whisper
which tries to escape endless suffering

Curious, Yet Ashamed
Maybe a pet a lover a guy
floating through space with that look in your eye

Curious, Yet Ashamed
Who is giving up control
all choices denied
Replicated the dynamic you lived as a child

Curious, Yet Ashamed
Was I blocking the universe's intention
fearing what happens if I .. dimension

Curious, Yet Ashamed
I am searching for what might never have been
the perfect pervert; inquiries taken within