Black Star - Fix Up lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1: Yasiin Bey]
, I resolve, me and mine involved
, A lot of cats talk live, they ain’t live...
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Black Star - Fix Up (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1: Yasiin Bey]
ZH: [诗歌 1: Yasiin Bey]

EN: I resolve, me and mine involved
ZH: 我解决,我和我的参与

EN: A lot of cats talk live, they ain’t live at all
ZH: 很多猫说活,他们可不是在所有活

EN: Sideline check, hush when it’s time to ball
ZH: 边线检查,不能讲到球的时候

EN: Said you was in charged, but the pies are sharp
ZH: 说你在起诉,但馅饼很锋利

EN: You could have a thousand rhymes, a thousand dimes
ZH: 你可以有一千个押韵,一千个硬币

EN: The house to shine, coupes on the routes recline
ZH: 房子不再闪耀,跑车路线上的斜倚

EN: Be on Greenwich Mean, Beech Street, or Mountain time
ZH: 在格林威治、 榉树街或山地时间

EN: But weigh it up, duke – your power ain’t a ounce of mine
ZH: 但权衡,公爵 — — 你的力量不是我的每盎司

EN: You’re down for mine, ashy and ground for mine
ZH: 你于矿山、 天火和矿井地面

EN: Yasiin so clear, true, pronounce divine
ZH: Yasiin 那么清晰,确实如此,发音神圣

EN: Pull down the blinds, shade them out or shine
ZH: 拉下百叶窗,树荫下他们赶走或闪耀

EN: Everything from Bangkok to Bucktown is mine
ZH: 从曼谷到巴克镇的一切都是我的

EN: Say Black Star, great things sprout the mind
ZH: 说黑星星,伟大的事情发芽心灵

EN: Full moons and starry nights, new life and true light
ZH: 满月星光灿烂的夜晚,新的生活和真正的光

EN: Desert flames and ancient names, cinematic classic frames
ZH: 沙漠火焰和古老的名字,电影经典框架

EN: Beautiful and fantastic things
ZH: 美丽和神奇的东西

EN: Like peace, equality; Allah see everything
ZH: 像是和平、 平等 ;阿拉看到的一切

EN: Don’t call it a comeback, I was home anyway
ZH: 别叫它东山再起,反正回家

EN: Ain’t mister measure for all any time we been away
ZH: 不是先生的措施,为所有任何时候,我们离开了

EN: Travelling man I carry home with me every day
ZH: 旅行的人我带回家的每一天

EN: Bey, slim body push heavy weight
ZH: Bey,苗条的身材推重重量

EN: Fix up look sharp, elevate
ZH: 修好看锋利、 提升

EN: And I don’t mean Copperfield or David Blaine
ZH: 我的意思是科波菲尔或大卫 · 布莱恩

EN: We on solid ground and far above the clouds, Black Star
ZH: 我们在坚实的基础,远远高于云端,黑色星

EN: [Verse 2: Talib Kweli]
ZH: [诗歌 2: Talib Kweli]

EN: The wait is over, or is it overweight
ZH: 在等待已经结束,或者是它体重超重

EN: The game is bloated, there’s no escape
ZH: 游戏是臃肿,无处可逃

EN: They sub-standard, we substantial
ZH: 他们不合标准,我们大量

EN: We got the great names, they got the love handles
ZH: 我们有那些伟大的名字,他们有爱的句柄

EN: We slimming down, trim the fat
ZH: 我们瘦身,修剪脂肪

EN: Sit it down with all that chitter-chat
ZH: 跟所有坐下来chitter 聊天

EN: You talking this and that – simmer down
ZH: 你说这和那 — — 沸腾状态

EN: Got my name in your mouth, spit it out, son
ZH: 在你的嘴里有我的名字,把它吐出来,儿子

EN: The music so powerful, use it to see the parallels
ZH: 音乐如此强大,用它来看有相似

EN: I could make it rain but I make it plainer than Malcolm does
ZH: 得雨,但我让平庸比马尔科姆 ·

EN: Black Star, baby powder fresher than the talcum, yup
ZH: Yup 实心星,婴儿爽身粉滑石粉,比更新鲜

EN: People charged up, yup, we good with or without the plug
ZH: 人被控,是啊,我们好有无插头

EN: You doubted us, but you’re still hating – wow, I’m proud of ya!
ZH: 你怀疑我们,但是你现在仍然恨 — — 哇,我为你骄傲!

EN: Committed to your cause and it’s caused you to be a sourpuss
ZH: 致力于你的事业,已引起你要讨人厌

EN: Ain’t a number that could measure your level of cowardice
ZH: 不是懦弱的一个数字,可以测量你的水平

EN: You Power Puff, you pale in comparison, don’t get out enough
ZH: 你电源吹一吹,你在比较中,脸色苍白不出来足够

EN: Turn up the motherfuckers, the speakers ain't nearly loud enough
ZH: 把这些混蛋,扬声器不是几乎不够响亮

EN: Black Star rocking it, Chaka would be proud of us
ZH: 黑星星摇它,查会为我们自豪

EN: You had enough, callous as shallow and narrow-mindedness
ZH: 你受够了,无情的作为浅和狭隘思想

EN: Preparing for the battle, the shadows is where you finding us
ZH: 准备战斗,阴影在哪里你找到我们

EN: You tryna bust – you dead, you synthetic as a designer drug
ZH: 你最潇洒衰退 — — 你死了,你作为设计师的药物合成

EN: The populace is ignorant, thank you for reminding us
ZH: 老百姓不知道的谢谢你提醒我们

EN: Separate myself from these rappers who hustle backwards
ZH: 自己单独从这些说唱艺人呼倒退

EN: Yup, they got zero property, like the laws of algebra
ZH: 是的他们有零财产,像代数的法律

EN: [Hook: Yasiin Bey]
ZH: [钩: Yasiin Bey]

EN: Fix up look sharp
ZH: 修好看锋利

EN: Black Star, good God
ZH: 黑星星,好神

EN: And when the sky look dark
ZH: 而且当天空看黑暗

EN: Shine a light, look ahead, look up
ZH: 的光芒,向前看,看

EN: [Verse 3]
ZH: [第 3 节]

EN: Malcolm X and Marley Marl, the word of God, the works of art
ZH: 马尔科姆 X 和马利石灰泥,上帝,艺术作品的词

EN: (Portraits of the brain and other unexplained phenomenon)
ZH: (肖像的大脑和其他不明原因的现象)

EN: Shut down Babylon (Smash all automaton)
ZH: 关闭巴比伦 (粉碎所有自动机)

EN: Feel the beat (Got 'em feeling geeked like it's Comic-Con)
ZH: 感受到击败 (他们像是傻乎乎的感觉了Comic-Con)

EN: Far from the hardy-har (more like a Tomahawk)
ZH: 不哈代霞 (更多像战斧)

EN: Rocket launch, Ali right cross knock they choppers off
ZH: 火箭发射,阿里右跨的敲他们砍刀掉

EN: (Kweli and Mr. Bey) Fresh not from concentrate
ZH: (Kweli 和先生 Bey)新鲜不从精矿

EN: Looking very sharp today (Thank you brother, Danke Schoen)
ZH: 看非常锋利今日 (谢谢你兄弟,丹科国家足球队)

EN: Crowd working more than German engineering
ZH: 人群更多德国工程工作

EN: (And all the frequency they thought they hear the interference)
ZH: (和所有他们以为他们听到干扰的频率)

EN: Flashes of the spirit (Seekers of the clearing)
ZH: (者的结算所) 的精神会闪烁

EN: They say that the tongue is the mirror of the heart so mirror mirror
ZH: 他们说舌头是心灵的镜子所以镜像镜像

EN: (Look, in that window is a freedom fighter’s grandson)
ZH: (你看,在该窗口中是一名自由战士的孙子)

EN: Fixed up looking sharp, automatic handgun
ZH: 固定起来看锋利、 自动手枪

EN: Look, parade, caravan (Diplomat, degenerate)
ZH: 看看,巡游、 旅行车 (外交官,退化)

EN: Messiah (Pariah) The leader of the syndicate
ZH: 弥赛亚 (贱民) 该集团的领导人

EN: (Peace treaty written in) loophole penmanship
ZH: (写在和平条约) 漏洞书法

EN: (Same rows, two sides) Palaces and tenements
ZH: (同一行两个方面)宫殿和物业

EN: Dispossesed made a tongue noble open the lonely heart
ZH: Dispossesed 所作的舌头崇高打开寂寞的心

EN: (Peel apart) Come together (Come together) peel apart, come together
ZH: (剥)汇聚在一起 (聚在一起) 果皮分开,走到一起

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]