Black Sabbath - Trashed lyrics (Chinese translation). | It really was a meeting
, The bottle took a beating
, The ladies of the manor
, Watched me climb...
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Black Sabbath - Trashed (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: It really was a meeting
ZH: 这真的是一次

EN: The bottle took a beating
ZH: 瓶花了一顿打

EN: The ladies of the manor
ZH: 庄园的女士们

EN: Watched me climb into my car and I was
ZH: 看着我爬进了我的车,

EN: Going down the track about a hundred and five
ZH: 走在轨道约一百和五

EN: They had the stopwatch rolling
ZH: 他们有轧制的秒表

EN: I had the headlights blazing I was really alive
ZH: 我有创新的车灯真的在世

EN: And yet my mind was blowing
ZH: 我心中尚未吹来

EN: I drank a bottle of tequila and I felt real good
ZH: 我喝了一瓶龙舌兰酒和我感觉真好

EN: But on the twenty-fifth lap at the canal turn
ZH: 但在第二十五圈在运河上打开

EN: I went off exploring
ZH: 我去探索

EN: I knew I wouldnt make it the car just wouldnt make it
ZH: 我知道我不会让它汽车就不会让它

EN: I was turning the tires burning
ZH: 我把燃烧的轮胎

EN: The ground was in my sky
ZH: 地面是在我的天空

EN: I was laughing the bitch was trashed
ZH: 我笑这婊子被人砸

EN: And death was in my eye
ZH: 死是我的眼睛

EN: I had started pretty good and I was feeling my way
ZH: 我已开始得很好,我感觉我的方式

EN: I had the wheels in motion
ZH: 我在动议的轮子

EN: There was peter and the greenfly laughing like drains
ZH: 那里是彼得和笑得像排水渠的 greenfly

EN: Inebriation
ZH: 解酒

EN: The crowd was roaring I was at brands hatch
ZH: 人群咆哮当时品牌舱口盖

EN: In my imagination
ZH: 在我的想象

EN: But at the canal turn I hit an oily patch
ZH: 但是在运河交我打油性的修补程序

EN: Inebriation
ZH: 解酒

EN: Ooh mr. miracle, you saved me from some pain
ZH: 布兰克先生奇迹,你救了我从一些疼痛

EN: I thank you mr. miracle, I wont get trashed again
ZH: 我感谢你先生奇迹,又不会无聊

EN: Ooh, can you hear my lies
ZH: 哦,你能听到我的谎言吗

EN: Dont you bother with this fool just laugh into my eyes
ZH: 你别进我的眼睛与这个傻瓜只是笑吗

EN: So we went back to the bar and hit the bottle again
ZH: 所以我们回到酒吧,再打瓶

EN: But there was no tequila
ZH: 但有没有龙舌兰酒

EN: Then we started on the whiskey just to steady our brains
ZH: 然后我们就开始上威士忌只是为了稳定我们的大脑

EN: cause there was no tequila
ZH: 有的原因是没有龙舌兰酒

EN: And as we drank a little faster at the top of our hill
ZH: 当我们喝了快点在我们小山的顶部

EN: We began to roll
ZH: 我们开始卷

EN: And as we got trashed we were laughing still
ZH: 我们喝得烂醉如我们仍然在笑

EN: Oh bless my soul
ZH: 哦保佑我的灵魂