Black Lab - Remember lyrics

it was wild in the street
wild in the night
blistering cold in the cold daylight
i could feel your hands
pushing hard on me
and all the fights that i tried to fight fair
all the nights that you spent with me
i swear

do you remember?
'cause i remember?
do you remember?
'cause i remember what you said to me
remember like it was just some dream
but i lost my faith
did you lose yours too?
would you bleed for me?
i would bleed for you

and the blood gets thick
at the end of the night
you in my sheets like a sodium light
i could feel your skin coming off your soul
reeling me in like there's nothing you don't know

and i won't speak i won't write
i won't call you on the phone
won't listen to my mind
if i hear you call me home