Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears - Sugarfoot lyrics

Sugarfoot called me last night
He said his girl called him
He said, "Can I come over?"
She said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah"

She called me on the telephone
Said, "Hello, baby, how y'doin'?
Can I come over see you tonight
I promise that you'll be feeling right"
Oh, she's comin' up


Oh, Sugarfoot

She come over, knocking at my door
So I went downstairs and let her in
Straight up to my bedroom we go
Starts doing things I'd never know
Baby, give me love


Yeah, Sugarfoot

Brought me down straight to my knees
She's doing things I never seen
Got me crying just like a baby
Come on, baby, you just look pretty
Oh, she give me love


Ahh, ya Sugarfoot

Where my horns at?
Y'all with me
Y'all with me
Y'all ready

I said, "Now, baby
Give me your loving
I need it
I'm squeezing
I'm touching
I'm rubbing
I told ya
Come on down here, baby
You gotta give me my sugar"

Ahh, she give me love

She's got me feeling so damn good
Late up in the middle of the night
My baby don't let me get no rest
Brought me down straight to my knees
Oh, she give me love


Ya Sugarfoot