Black Horizonz - Purifying Onset Of Winter lyrics

(Lyrics: Hacky in autumn 2005)

Spiritual essence
Caused by excess
...and the glacial nature
Initiated by woods
...and their morning dew
…and this unbearable voice from inside

Stunned of toxic substances
Drunken of this sweet mountainside
Tumulus, surrounded by winds
Draped in the cold nightsky

Between the old tree's,
We are wandering
Impelled by the thorns of sorrow
Illuminated on the glade the rising wintermoon

Trivial life, they cannot see
They, the decadent vagary of nature,
the cancer on earth
Burned by this healing season
… subtly toiled by our domain

Misanthropic and purifying time
…on this forlorn earth
We linger alone in the abyssmal spiritworlds