Black Horizonz - Echo In The Empyrean lyrics

(Lyrics: Hacky in March 2006)

Dreaming in another reality… intoxicated
Striping through the nightfall
Hailing the wolves of demise
Staring at the frostmoon
Mighty reigning from above

The inner blackheart of the soul
Poisoned by grief and despair
Without embracing solace
The shape never vanishes

Blackthorns in the engorged mind
A deathtrip to a cosmic void
Eclipsed by polarizing sorrow
Huddled in the safety of intoxication

Reveal the secrets of your creation
Thou, the Blackheart,
the kinglike epicentre of the universe
The Echo in the empyrean
Through their fall, thou rise above
Being life and death,
Hate and love!