Black Cobain - The Prelude (2013)

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Black Cobain - The Prelude lyrics

I know it’s been a long time
Uh, Black Cobain uh

Too much passin, too much pride
Too much hate to let too much slide
Look into the eyes of a man who ain’t seen much
Seen it all and that alone to get you cleaned up
Been the sweat under the rug I'm hanging on to a thrill
Letting go of the drugs, of the girl that I meet
Feel like I'm looking for love, need a reality show
Hit Jocelyn up, let’s get this change
First buy you homes, then buy you chains
Feel like the whole fucking world know you changed
I’ll be confused, you niggers want real, no real life
Cause these rappers say real in real life
This is my life, I’d rather lie under oath
In these bars and in the foreigns you will see stars nigger
This is no mirage, you can see it clear
Just use yo mind Imma loosen up yo brassier
Let it all show, let me show you how to get it
This is all perfect, it’s the perfect contradiction
Only time I speak as if I'm speaking with conviction
This is the present, get I before Christmas
Don’t follow trends my nigger me just set’em
Real love them hoes my nigger we just forget’em
Amnesia getting head in my leisure
Well this nigger n here I'm coming out yo speakers
And I'm young, gifted and black too
While you was waiting for that I had to adapt
I had to relapse, if you ever heard now
I had to take it to that, take it back to the rap
You listen couldn’t keep up, I head them niggers talking
It’s what we call a mannequin the way they freeze up
Let them into museums until they speak up
At 4 AM I had virgin lungs, do you remember that?
Yeah I’m smoking like a nigger got cataracts
And I got the perfect song for yo Cadillacs
Gotta love and never regret, if that’s the price that you pay
Couple cars, 22s, never catch the bouquet
You was bout to fix a lip like you’s got something to say
Possible tax a week, different tax a day

Hey, just let me talk to ‘em
Let’s get it

I used to as I didn’t smoke
Now I do, that’s a contradiction
Intervene, intervene show me my admitted
Oh yeah Imma see you in before I see a limit
Straight MIA and just yo squeeze a limit
Uh and no window of opportunity
It’s still there and these itches ain't nothing new to me
So give it up for fame not custom for wife
Cause you gonna need it all tryna be holes up
This is my…doctors of fantasy
See where I wanna go and I answer to me
So say hello to the motherfucking real
And I ain’t gotta deal but it’s all the matter sill
The flow is OVA got an automatic fill
Like it or not, I watch the game chose to square
These niggers depart
So who you kidding, who you kidding nigger
I hope you nigger get the front and never change the filter
Did you ever think you’d make it this far?
With all these hearts, all this chronic
With all of this liquor and all these rhymes
I made a living off of rap when you said I couldn’t
It’s for my boys in the hood just like you…
You see that rare Honda, just know it’s not yo day
Just wear the engine they not gonna spray
And we not gonna play we gonna send it down before that
So that relationship you do have restore that
Clothes make the man, man don’t make the clothes
Cause I’ll be rocking an idea still be getting the hoes
We never thought we’d be here but this is how it goes
They’d be waiting on the return like I'm damn frozen
Enough with all the clothes shit, all this buffoonery
You know you got to count for this up, you bought some jewelry
A few Jesus pieces that won’t change a thing