Bizzy Crook - Never Mattered (2014)

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Bizzy Crook - Never Mattered lyrics

[Verse 1]
I know what you thinking
Damn he sprung like the class done
But these are harmless shots
Im shooting blanks its like a cap gun
Swear that this the last one
Fucking every school day
On the couch I had that pussy coming like your roommate
Heard you got somebody new
I know he don't hit the same
Sometimes 5AM I catch me typing out your twitter name
Benz still got dinner plates
Food up on a nigga plate
You had that coke bottle but Im chilling trying to watch my weight
Cool now you ain't heard a nigga got the juice now
Out of town and still I hear bout everything you do now
Hate you nah who told you that?
I live in a city with a bridge by the water where I cried so Im over that
Yeah I got a new girl you know I don't love these bitches
Only girl I trust, is the reason I don't trust these bitches
Trust thats you still Im stuck on you
But somebody said the best way out is through
You know

[Bizzy Talks]
Its 8AM and this what we up doing
Tired...of not having a Maybach of course

[Verse 2]
They like where you been?
I been on the road
Where the girls are fine but they're nothing like back home
I learned a couple things
Im grateful that I know
Just because she's single doesn't mean that she's alone
And just cause she's alone that don't mean that she's unhappy
Cause she's happy having fun that don't mean that she's a shone
So girl carry on
Cause love is just a set up
And anytime Im down I be calling down to get these bitches let up
I know its off topic how the hell can you forget us
I don't need an "I Miss You", Ill be cool with "I remember"
You acting like I don't remember
I thought that my heart was cold shit I was born in December, Uh
You still be on my mind
And this ain't nothing new to me it happens all the time
Oh Im getting out of line?
Just give me a second in the bathroom with the pictures you would send me and Im fine

[Outro: Bizzy Talks]