Bizzy Crook - Love Voodoo (2014)

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Bizzy Crook - Love Voodoo lyrics

[Verse: Bizzy Crook]
Uh, voodoo
I know you love it
I know you love it

A lot has changed since we fucked way back when
I made another hundred racks and still ain't pay no taxes
Shit, by the time they come for me
I probably made enough money to sweep it all under the mattress
Like it never happened
Probably have a couple cars I never drive
A stripper turned housewife that argues all the time
Its that '91 shit
I got a bad bitch for every time this gun kicks
It's that shit you could only play in the Ghost
I ain't been ghost, me and Loni been in the Phantom
She said, you been MIA in MIA
Correction DOA, me and Nelly been in Atlanta
I know you still ain't forget me
Bitches tellin' me they miss me though they never met me
Enough [?]
I need some home cookin'
Enough bad bitches
I need a good woman
Fuck it, I guess it come with age
Thought I had bitches, tell that nigga hit the club with Tre
Sittin' there like I just blew up off a fuckin' tape
And no one knew my face
Man that feel like back in the fuckin' day
Its crazy
You ain't even my ex no more
You ain't even my ex, my ex said a ex before
I'm meeting people for the first time
The humble king in me got me greetin' em' like we met before
Like what up dog, how them kids doin'
Me, I'm alright tryna make a way with this music
They like, how you did it without a deal
Shit even without the labels this shit is still hard to deal with
They love me after they judgment is embarrassing
Don't you ever confuse timid with arrogant
Voodoo child, misunderstood
But shit if God let me have it you know my heart is good
Tell em' love is the only law
Gettin' money my only job
Its been a long time comin'
Since workin' KFC summers
I learned to only be as great as you says you are
Don't you ever judge me for my lifestyle
Don't you judge me for my cars cause I worked hard for it all
I worked hard for this, hard for this
Worked hard for this, I worked hard for it all
See that Rolex, it took work
It took work
See that Spanish girl that don't say shit
Cause she stuck up, that took work
It took work
See that black Ghost when it come thru to its line, it took work
It took work
See my condo right down town, its a sublet, it took work
It took work
Fuck that nigga hol' up
Bitch I got my dough up
Hate my blessings but you couldn't blow up if [?]
Stop feedin' niggas
Nigga feed the spirit
That's Nizzy used to tell me
To this very day I hear it
When I'm bout to cop a brand new piece of jewelry for myself
That I'll probably never wear
Shit my mama need some help
When my daddy out there livin' in New Orleans for some work
And I visit for this once again
Never call it first
What the fuck, I forgot
Why I'm even on the road
[Fades out]