Bitter Sweet Despair - You've Been Replaced, So What's Next? lyrics

Decayed for another day when I wake up next to you
These thoughts in my head run around right beside you
Wondering if you even notice that I'm still alive
But I am alive; I'm still here waiting for you
To understand that I am giving my all and my all is for nothing.

I sit alone patiently waiting for a sign to tell me
If I should leave this town and leave you behind
The thoughts in your head make things worse
And I'm left here feeling my own remorse
Wondering if the pain will be left behind along with the trail I'm about to leave you on

So take these words and just for tonight
Hold them next to you, right by your heart 'cause
I can't bear to spend one more night with those half glazed eyes
Hearing every word I've said a hundred times before

I'm waiting for you to understand that I'm giving my all
And my all is for absolutely nothing at all