Bitter Sweet Despair - Put Your Mask Down Honey, We All Know Lies Don't Cover Sadness lyrics

Shes lying and their dying
To know what that girl is thinking about yea
Well shes undercover from all of the others
I'm telling you that girl is petrified

Well I see her there
Shes standing over there
Shes wearing the brightest black around

Your devious smiles yea they'll fool for a while
But those close to you yea they know the truth
That deep inside when your alone and you cry
You put up a disguise yea no surprise

Shes got her mind set on a way out of here
It's a one way ticket home
To California where the sun will warm her
And the beaches stretch for miles

Get on that plane
Fly far away
Don't look back just spread your wings

Hold your breathe .. invisioning
Home... set your mind free