Bitch Alert - Please Let Me Die First lyrics

So naive, I've never tried it hard
The first time just paid the price
By the time I'd never felt so deep
I took your hand, it was just
Everything I ever wanted
Champagne sparkling in my glass, but I
Just have to turn away to walk away
To be alone
It always comes as a surprise
Comforting lies
We want to die

Who's to blame, you made me feel so good
My heart in flames
The perfect way to make me feel so loose
Was it worth it to let it go
I had too much, too much to loose
So afraid to give up everything
I need the pain, can't let the sunshine into my bedroom
I will never fall in love again
I never will I never will

Please let me die first
He smiles he says okay
Poison runs through my veins
And then the pain is gone