Bishop Nehru - Misruled Order (feat. Que Hampton) (2013)

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Bishop Nehru - Misruled Order (feat. Que Hampton) lyrics

[Verse 1]
Me and my niggas on block tryna find a wave, cops sittin wit the
Glocks tryna give us graves, I ain't afraid cuz my intelligence is
Relevant to my heaven-sent flow and everything embedded in it, im
Better than the , next man spittin you wishin you wasn't competition
You tryna get wid us but, there ain't no room for you lame ass niggas
Tryna rain on a niggas parade, no time for charades. Im tryna reach
Success , for now ill take sus checks. The streets I ain't gon stress ,
Cuz coppers want us next. The only thing to do is hope to get the best
But aim and go for less,
I used to curcuit cities, till I found the best buy, lotta staples in
Back, people weren’t friends of mine. I was up late wiping tears from
Eyes, hoping that the next night I wouldn’t have tears to cry. Tears
From my joy wasn't likely, im like the , spike lee thats under 19 , im
Fighting for my rights and all the nice things that white teens , get
To do , when they get like me and buy weed. But drive high in they
White tee, but if speed my tee redder than rubies , to me its
Routine, cops be doing cruel things, to keep us snoozing and losing.
Never have I left mind behind, I keep it close cuz you never know what
Time will find. Someone could slide dimes in your pocket, tryna frame
You, the world ain’t safe, especially when people hate you. And
Wanna take you out of this crazy place we live, lying and making fibs
Instigating shit. Have you takin risks that you never woulda took. Now
Instead of leaving the house your dumbass shook.


I gotta stay away from the streets, cuz the cops tryna put a kid to
Sleep. They showing brute force no remorse, theres a corpse in the
Middle of the street. My life’s at risk I must admit A niggas scared
But I gotta make a move. A Niggas Scared but I gotta make a move.

[Verse 2]

I got these obstacles they coming at me. Im trying to pass em overlap
Em but my conscience is weak, my confidence speaks for any of the
Things that nobody can see like all the dollars I greet and all the
Bottles I sneak, in my pocket tryna get profit is the only option.
Fuck the nonsense coppers who watch us get demolished with our common
Sense. My comments sent uncommon cents hiding with a common scent, the
Dollars spent on ganja was low but know he be holding spliffs. To the
Dome where they go keep my mind and soul gold. me alone with no dro is
So slow. My mind’ll race, bout time and place,but my future and past
Are different cuz rhymes and taste. But in the present, my presence is
Still a present cause peasants, I represent without they given
Consent. The cons sent are con sent messages, messages I can't better
Through letters, needing cheddar is something big when you eating,
Cheddar for dinner