Bishop Nehru & Mf Doom - Caskets (2014)

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Bishop Nehru & Mf Doom - Caskets lyrics

Young blood, he's smart and he's tough
But he's got a lot to learn about survival
And the man he's gonna learn from is...
[Verse 1: MF DOOM]
Uh, lay in the cut like a puma on the prowl
The right time to get 'em is now, clow
That's the end of that
You get another ending of the saga
And how he gets it in like kamagra
Cheers here's a lager, yours is Odoul’s
These are from the untold rules of the old school
It's like a woola will they do to ones medulla oblongata
Revenge of Montezuma on a blotter
(Yo this tracks off the rack DOOM)
It's that clack clack boom
That must contain enough square centimeter of the vacuum
When lava rock cool who play the block fool
Villain get payed laid back like chacmool
Enough to make Pac drool
Wherever he at
Invest wealth or press self check ace stat
Damn mask gets stickier than crack sweat
In the corner pocket that's gained some aspect
(Casket) and yet still blow like gasket
Many ass out, no clout, no smash hit
And that's it, plan B, let the tools spark
Plan A to shoot and straight shootin like a pool shark
Rack em up, just don't quit your old job
Small trolls whose type slob on poll blog
You know you done fucked up now, like old dog the menace
It's all love, play tennis
The mic is the shotty, forget about the flack vest
The hustlers backwards whack is tackless
That don't count, chickens before they hatch in the basket
Body beats, closed casket

[Verse 2: Bishop Nehru]
I'm moving with the all black tactic
Black kicks, black jeans, black jacket matchin'
I'm pulling 21s like I'm using black magic
And they thinking that I am because the quality's fantastic
They told me I should focus on scholastics
And others told me focus on elastic
I'm using both of those as a tactic
As I mix it with my passion for the rappin'
To think I could have been trappin'
I'm happy I wasn't trapped in
The loop de loop and shootin'
I'm moving through the mild pollution, tryna find solution
But I'm only closer to delusion
The illusions are leading me to delusion
I'm sick of being confused and I don't have much of a fuse
So I lack getting amused, getting actively abused
More days of the blues, I'm waiting on the clues
Alone as I cruise through life and all its waters
Must have hit some ice-bergs because its feeling like torture
It's HORSE I'm Jordan, in '96
I'm sinking everything man, still I'm playing for the chips
So basically, I'm saying I'm taking my own ship
You can think what you want cause your thoughts ain't important
I'm feeling blanker than a CD ROM
And all I ever wanted was for them to see these rhymes
They telling me be patient, I ain't got the time
Cause I'm seeing trash rappers getting over night shine
While I'm still behind, and they wonder why I whine
Is it because I'm living off the thoughts in my mind
Or is it I'm just living because nobody is complying
I see that I'm inspiring the moves of these sirens
So how could I be vibrant?
Only thing I'm close to is violence
So hurry up and cue all the violins
Ever since the girl I was eyeing for prom
Ain't wanna tag along, it's something that I long
But I understand the order though
Life's like a big playbook full of audibles
You never know the working play until you go toss a few
Packing raps in caskets your boy Nehru