Birdman - Money To Blow (feat. Lil Wayne & Drake) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Drake]
, I am on a 24 hour champagne diet
, Spillin while i'm sippin it
, Encourage you to try it
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Birdman - Money To Blow (feat. Lil Wayne & Drake) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Drake]
ZH: [德雷克]

EN: I am on a 24 hour champagne diet
ZH: 我在节食 24 小时香槟

EN: Spillin while i'm sippin it
ZH: 虽然我很抑郁它的 spillin

EN: Encourage you to try it
ZH: 鼓励您尝试它

EN: I'm probably just saying that cause i dont have to buy it
ZH: 我可能只说,我没有把它买下来的原因

EN: The club owner supply it
ZH: 俱乐部老板供应

EN: Boy i'm on that fly shit
ZH: 男孩我那该死的飞上

EN: I am what everybody in my past don't want me to be
ZH: 我在我的过去,每个人都不想我要

EN: Guess what i made it
ZH: 猜猜看我做

EN: I'm the muthaf-cking man
ZH: 我是世上君的男人

EN: I just want you to see come take a look
ZH: 我只是想让你看到来看一看

EN: Get a load of this n-gga
ZH: 你看这 n gga

EN: Quit frontin on me
ZH: 退出我谅解

EN: Don't come around and try come gas me up
ZH: 不过来,试着来气我

EN: I like runnin on E
ZH: 我喜欢狂奔 e

EN: I, I, I,
ZH: 我,我,我,

EN: Im on my Disney shit goofy flow
ZH: 我也在我的迪斯尼狗屎高飞流

EN: On records i'm captain hook and my new car is roofio
ZH: 我记录胡克船长,我的新车是 roofio

EN: Damn
ZH: 该死

EN: Where my roof just go
ZH: 我只是去哪里

EN: Im somebody that you should know
ZH: Im 某人,你应该知道

EN: Get to shakin somethin cus thats what Drumma produced it for
ZH: 去沙金底哪里出错 cus 这就是 Drumma 产生它的

EN: Yes i make mistakes that i don't ever make excuses for
ZH: 是我犯的错误,永远不要借口

EN: Like even girls that love me and Constantly seducing hoes
ZH: 像爱我的不断引诱锄头的甚至女孩

EN: I'm losing my thoughts i say damn
ZH: 我失去了我的想法,我妈说

EN: Where my roof go?
ZH: 我的屋顶去了哪里?

EN: Top slipped off like Janet at the super bowl,
ZH: 像在超级碗,珍妮就溜的顶部

EN: I got em
ZH: 我还

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [大合唱]

EN: they can't help it, and I can't blame ‘em
ZH: 他们不能帮助它,和我不能责怪扑克

EN: Since I got famous but b-tch, I got money to blow
ZH: 自从我有名但 b-桦,我的钱来打击

EN: Im gettin it in, letting these bills fall
ZH: 在它的 Im,让这些法案下降

EN: All over your skin
ZH: 在你的皮肤

EN: Got money to blow oh oh oh oh
ZH: 钱吹哦哦哦哦

EN: [Birdman]
ZH: [捕鸟人]

EN: Richer than the richest
ZH: 最富有的人群比富

EN: We certified gettin it CM YM Cash Money business
ZH: 我们证实人发觉厘米 YM 钱业务

EN: Higher than the ceiling fly like a bird hit the gucci store
ZH: 高于天花板飞像一只鸟撞 gucci 店

EN: And later get served
ZH: 而稍后送达

EN: We smoked out with no roof on it
ZH: 我们对它没有顶熏

EN: Them people passin so we smash on them
ZH: 他们人马太受难曲,所以我们对他们粉碎

EN: Ballin out we keep the cash on deck
ZH: 我们保持 ballin 出甲板上现金

EN: Lamborghini and the Bentleys on the V-set
ZH: 兰博基尼和宾利 V-集上

EN: Louie lens iced out with the black diamonds
ZH: 路易镜头出冰加黑钻石

EN: Car of the year Ferrari the new Spider
ZH: 法拉利新蜘蛛年度风云车

EN: No lie i'm higher than i ever been
ZH: 没有谎言是比我高过

EN: Born rich born uptown born to win
ZH: 出生富出生住宅区生而为赢

EN: Fully loaded automatic 6 Benz
ZH: 满载自动 6 奔驰

EN: Candy paint foreign lights with my b-tch in
ZH: 在我 b 桦糖果漆外国灯

EN: Born hustlin too big n-gga to strive me up
ZH: 出生 hustlin 太大 n gga 求我了

EN: Cant stop me more money burn em up
ZH: 不能停止我更多钱烧伤 em

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [大合唱]

EN: [Weezy]
ZH: [] Weezy

EN: When I get paid every 24 hours money and the power
ZH: 当我拿到奖金每 24 小时金钱和权力

EN: Come to VIP and get a Champagne Shower
ZH: 来到贵宾和获取澡香槟

EN: I don't have to worry because everything ours,
ZH: 我不必担心,因为一切我们,

EN: and I got a big bouquet of Mary Janes Flowers
ZH: 我得到了一大束鲜花玛丽简氏

EN: That kush I promise Thats My Dude
ZH: 那兴都库什,我保证这就是我的哥们

EN: But we don't smoke that Reggie Bush
ZH: 但我们不吸烟,雷吉布什

EN: And I'm with two women make you take a second look
ZH: 我有两个妇女让你看第二

EN: We poppin like Champagne Bottles But We Never Shook
ZH: 我们像香槟瓶,但我们永远不会摇 poppin

EN: and We Goin Be Alright If We Put Drake On Every Hook
ZH: 和我们走好是如果我们把每个钩德雷克

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [大合唱]