Birdman - Loyalty (feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga) lyrics (Chinese translation). | You Know While Your Mother Is Cooking The Macaronni
, Today I Figured Id Sit Down And Talk To You...
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Birdman - Loyalty (feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: You Know While Your Mother Is Cooking The Macaronni
ZH: 你知道你的母亲做饭 Macaronni 的时候

EN: Today I Figured Id Sit Down And Talk To You Since Your Old Enough.
ZH: 今天我想 Id 坐下来和你谈谈自你的旧足够。

EN: You Know Its Time That You Really Realize What This Family Is All About
ZH: 你知道它的时间你真的意识到这个家庭的是

EN: Cause About This Time Is When Your Gonna Be Able To Join In
ZH: 原因有关此时间是当您将能对加入中去

EN: And Earn Some Real Money And Real Cash But Before You Do That
ZH: 并且赚取一些真正的钱和实际现金但你做之前,

EN: I Wanna Teach You A Little Bit About Loyalty,
ZH: 我想教你一点点关于忠诚、

EN: The Main Name Of This Game Is Respect And Loyalty.
ZH: 这个游戏的主要名称是尊敬和忠诚。

EN: Family Is A Big Thing When We Do This Kind Of Business
ZH: 家庭是一件大事,我们做这种生意的时候

EN: Everything Is With Respect And When A Family Member Gets Outta
ZH: 一切都是以尊重和当一名家庭成员获取离开

EN: Line And Another Family Dont Like It One Thing Leads To Another
ZH: 线和另一家人不喜欢这样一件事导致了另

EN: And The Next Thing You Know, Your Gone And Then Your Just A Memory Of Me,
ZH: 你知道的下一件事,你走了,然后你只是一个记忆的我,

EN: My Hearts Broke Then, But You Gotta Remember Theres Always Family And Loyalty,
ZH: 然后,打破了我的心,但你得总是记得有家庭和忠诚,

EN: Loyalty Is The Main Thing. Obviously You Know I Dont Make My Money,
ZH: 忠诚是最主要的。很明显你知道我不让我的钱,

EN: I Dont Make All My Cash From Uh Construction Jobs We Do And
ZH: 我不让我所有的现金从呃施工作业我们做和

EN: Uh Sanitation And Private Stuff Is All Earned Money Through The Family
ZH: 呃环境卫生和私人的东西是都赚了钱通过家庭

EN: And Since Your Of Age Now I Think Its Time I
ZH: 自你的年龄现在我觉得它的时间我

EN: Taught You What Coming Into The Family And Respect Is All About.
ZH: 教你进入家庭和尊重是关于什么的。

EN: So The First Thing You Gotta Learn Is The Name Respect,
ZH: 所以你得学会的第一件事是名称的尊重,

EN: Tha Means You Dont Cross Nobody You Dont Go Over The Line,
ZH: 临屋区意味着你不要交叉没人你不去行,

EN: Once You Go Over That Line Theres No Coming Back Whether
ZH: 一旦你在这行有没有回来是否

EN: Youre A Member Of The Family Or Not.
ZH: 你是一个家庭的成员或不。

EN: Thats When People Get Whacked And We Dont Want Nobody Whacked In Our Family
ZH: 这就是当人们不注意的时候,我们不想干掉我们家没人

EN: So I Gotta Teach You The Proper Way Of Respect.
ZH: 所以我要教你正确方式的尊重。

EN: When Youre Earning Money, Everybody Earns, Everybody Eats Bread.
ZH: 当你挣的钱,每个人的收入,每个人都吃面包。

EN: Its All About Cash Money Thats What Its All About Making The Money.
ZH: 这是所有关于现金钱那就是什么是所有关于赚到钱。

EN: So The First Thing Of Business Is This, You Remember Your Name,
ZH: 因此,业务的第一件事是,你还记得你的名字,

EN: You Dont Forgets Your Roots.
ZH: 你不要忘了你的根。

EN: You Never Ever Disrespect Anyone Thats Above You Especially Your Capo
ZH: 你从来没有尊重任何人这就是你尤其是您投诉警察课上面

EN: Especially The Big Time Guys, Those Are The Guys You Listen To.
ZH: 尤其是大家伙,是你听听这些人。

EN: You Never Ever Disrespect Anyone Unless Your Told To Unless You Get The Okay.
ZH: 你从来没有尊重任何人除非你除非你就没告诉。

EN: And If There Is No Sit Down Theres Nothing.
ZH: 如果是没有坐下来有什么。