Bio-Tek - Veronika Voss lyrics

Veronika: my angel; my reason to exist
An angel of destruction; a dream I've never missed
You stabbed me in the back; you took away my heart
There'll be no tears for you when we're apart

I cry for help; you never hear
The end will come; there is no fear
I'll watch you drain the life from me
Please ?? the pain and set me free

The seething burns in violent storms that seal the lights of fate
I'm always in the dark; I'm always in your shade
Your face is all I need to get me through the day
Your every word and push, always to obey


Veronika: my angel; my reason to exist
The rain falls on your face--the face I can't resist
Your every word I never doubt; I'll never see you cry
The poison kiss of your lips; I know you cannot buy