Binary Heart - The Choices You Make lyrics

there are little moments you caught my eye, it's when
you'd say something endearing and then
before you'd walk away you'd shoot a smile

it made me think that your heart was exposed
to the ideas of us, i suppose
all those moments started to compile

so i told you "i love you"
but you took your time
to formulate a response
much different from mine
if only i believed those words were true
... i could be free

congenial meetings have been fading
into close to nothing, i'm waiting
while our conversations slowly unwind

then there came the day with wistful reproach
as if knowing my heart would just close
with the notion you've kept fresh on your mind

you told me you were leaving
i pleaded please stay
that hid behind my lips
as you walked away
if only i believed those words could make something change

we could be free from all the hidden games we play
ignoring the fact that honesty could kill the flames
instead the beauty of your eyes don't match the words that you say
face value has a way of hiding things that you believe
but lies conceal your wants and not your needs

you could be free
you could be free
you could be free
you could be free
you could be free