Billard - All Eyez On Me (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) (2014)

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Billard - All Eyez On Me (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) lyrics

[Intro: Billard]
Shout out all my brothers

[Chorus: Billard]
All eyes on me (7x)

[Verse 1: Billard]
Boy, I'm so hot that a nigga gotta lay low
Shawty giving head till her brain gone
Since I got the fame, boy my life ain't been the same
Now I'm Hollywood, niggas saying that I changed
The only thing new, I got a few gold chains
I been rocking gold hoops before Trinidad James
Come fuck with the greatest
Industry status, I know that you hate it
I know that you hate it, I know you been waiting
All eyes on me, all eyes on me
Whore you know it's me, a young nigga from the C
Whore from the burbs, but my niggas from the streets
I've been thinking money, that's the only thing I see
It's a club full of hoes and you niggas wanna beef
Every nigga quick to say his boy got the piece
And every nigga is quick to say I'm gully out the heat
I ain't worried muthafucka
I got my feet up gettin' ready for the summer
I could bet a million that you're boy about to come up
Don't be mad at the world cause your records ain't buzzin'
Don't be mad at the system cause you niggas ain't stuntin'
Don't be mad at your boy cause you ain't worth nothing
Cause you ain't worth nothing

All eyes on me (7x)

[Verse 2: Machine Gun Kelly]
This song got a muthafuckin' feeling like Pac though
(Feelin' like Pac, thug life) picture me rollin'
Duck the police in a pothole (skrrr, Five-O)
Wh-whipping this shit stolen
Passenger seat is El Gato (When that's pussy I beat it)
Beat it till it's swollen
Then I paint her face like Picasso (Nah bitch)
Pronto, you ain't e'n known it, like Rocko
Welcome to the Midwest
Fill the fridge up with them government checks
Dark liquor is a must when you one of us
And we got the Bub for the bus, go and ingest
Funny that my father wanted me to be a scholar
Instead I grew up like him and became an alcoholic
A couple of dollars, get some gin and tonic, and a couple condoms
Give a bitch head trauma, not she hooked on phonics
Ye ain't never seen a muthafucka (2x)
Cleveland boy get up on the big screen
With the same team that he used to ride the bus with
Now they got a tour bus, shit
Ye ain't never seen a muthafucka (2x)
Go from flippin' burgers at the Fuddruckers
Hit up private jets with the Jimmy Iovines
Then flying Coach, back to the drug runners

[Chorus: Billard]
All eyes on me (7x)

[Verse 3: Billard]
I might sell my soul for a new Bugatti
Shit, I'm just young and reckless
I see why half of you rappers stressin'
I'm here now nigga, you can get to steppin'
All these hoes nowadays seem to act so desperate
I give her what she want, then I'm on to the next chick
She don't say nothing cause she know I'm the next "it"
Your times up girl, that's it, girl hit the exit
You should be faithful that you in my presence
"Oh, you needing Jesus" I don't need your blessings
Like learn your lessons, don't with king
I mean like, we know who jealous, so fuck with me
This that give-and-go, that pick-and-roll
This that cock back and let it go
This that bang, bang, that bang fo'sho'
My niggas bang fo'sho', this ain't for show