Bill Nelson - The Fabulous Fountain Of Your Savoir Faire lyrics

I know all about fear and symmetry
I'm a mess of cosmic proportions
I know all about self-pity
I've got the measure of my own distortions

Maybe I go a little too far
But things are kinda cute just the way they are
I always leave my bedroom door ajar but
Maybe I go a little too far
God's got a secret, he keeps it to himself
Don't even ask, it's bad for your health
It's dark and deep, it's false and it's true
It's too damn mysterious, between me and you

I've heard the bells of Christmas ring
I've seen tomorrow's world and everything
I've tasted fruit both common and rare
At the fountain of your fabled savoir-faire
You are the dream I've been waiting for
You're the future knocking at my door
You're the one and that's for sure...
that's for sure, yes that's for sure...