Bill Nelson - Candyland lyrics

Some of us are Angels
And some of us infernos
Some of us are simpletons
And some of us are fools...
Some of us are birdbrains
And some of us are steam trains
Some of us are horses
And some of us are mules
In Candyland...In Candyland...
Heavenly ukelele's
Ripple over oceans
Ride the wind on wings
Of tortoiseshell and cream
Booster, bleep and Blip-boy
Fabulous as fountains
Face the deepest future
Listen to them scream
In Candyland...In Candyland...
Little spirit houses
Caravans of light
Mobile homes
Like bungalows on wheels...
Driving down another lost highway
Buddhas in bubble-helmets
In Candyland...In Candyland...