Bill Mallonee - Where My Seed Might Find Purchase lyrics

The leaves are changing for quite some time
As we headed south thirty five
Some unfinished business left to do
Stepping stone up we're further away from you

There's been talk on the telephone
About these bleeding parts of mine
They say your radio is pretty good this year
But your retail's not worth a dime

Where my seed might find purchase
Where my seed might find purchase

Tonight these hollow bodies
Been thrown into the path
Stun gun electricity
The bleeding fingers strumming hacks

My tubes they are a rattling
The wind among dead leaves
And my amps well they're howling
For nobody else but me

Yeah slipping under beneath the haze
John barleycorn too often
Generally i am the one most inclined
To drive the nails into their respective coffins

Distortion factor's kicking in
A thousand miles from home
And tonight my speakers are breaking up too much
With a beauty all of their own

Could your bloodstream ever withstand
The poison born of bitterness and vices
You must learn to live thankful to the Lord
Or be left to your own devices

Yeah we're out here on these paths again
Speaking our peace throwing caution to the wind
There's a warm dry room you can sleep in
Caught out in the open