Bill Hicks - Polar Bears On The Moon lyrics

There are polar bears out walking on the moon
You told me that one night as we lay under the stars
The moon was there to hear, but didn't say,
And today you are a thousand miles away.

I'd like to be riding on a train
But they don't run the trains much any more, not down this way
They've taken up the tracks, I couldn't even find the bed,
Not a cold steel rail where I might lay my head.

It has always been a mystery to me
What makes the heart go leaping headlong when it hasn't got a brain,
It ought to know something is wrong, but it only hears a song
And I guess it can't remember all the pain.

I was looking at the polar bears tonight
There was a momma and a daddy and two babies in the sun
It was cold up there, and infinitely bright,
But they were smiling in their furry coats of white.