Bill - Camp Fire (feat. Mac Miller & Ab-Soul) (2014)

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Bill - Camp Fire (feat. Mac Miller & Ab-Soul) lyrics

You don't got bars that drop, hard to hit
Neighborhood pharmacist
Drawn up this haze in the Shadera cardigans
Send a starter, better get your starter sparking
It's lemon scented a starter to spend a trend
In the parks of a very tended
I started with every pen then I'm on this shit
Late night faze through these tend-to-missing-darker-sins
I'm not starting with rappers
I'm black Mortus
Mac, your fucking ass hard as the glass of the back boarding
I'm back sword them
See his ass tour and laugh more from not having fun
What the fuck am I writing raps for?
I'm the last chord, plug it I'm coming with nothing but this fucking bruggage
Shit, I'm [--]
I'm a nuisance
I do this
I've been fluent
But the sin of vins ruin where I been, I been moving
Ten for ten rudest
Villain of the park
Get some sense to them, pillar of the art

[Mac Miller]
A little speed and tequila lead me to beat making
Was my intention to walk that lead to free basing
Spend a few too many thousand wasted Ebay'ing
Watch the trust fall, that's team-building exorcises
It's Fuck Everybody Enterprises
You always ten feet ahead, but just a step behind us
I guess I'm fine wit let me choose the devil I get to sign with
You wet vaginas
These rappers are softer than fresh bouq' Iris
Obsessed with violence
Weapons on deck like dead palace
Haven't found God yet, the closest that I get is silence
It's never quiet
Satan dwell inside their brief cases
I'm glad we made it, now I'm thankful I'm a free agent
Fresh out of prison, throw the deuces up like Nixon
Tell me what's the difference 'tween wisdom and superstition
We just civilians, the villains kiss the infants
Ain't no such thing as coincidence, shit

We smoking stupid blunts but my thoughts ain't dumb
Got 99 problems but a thot ain't one, uhh
All my bitches bisexual and bilingual
I got a bible and a rifle, God I'm evil
To all these common people, yeah the heat is brewing
Kinda like summer school for a UCLA student
That's always true and yeah I'm on a roll
This is special education for the honor roll
I'm kinda throwed, like softballs in a league of their own
I've been the shit since I could piss on my own
You just a toilet bowl, a foil in the microwave
You don't be-long like short-film-casting calls
Throw your life away
We got that coke that don't get you up in 6-Flags "Roller Coaster Fast Pass"
That's Ab-Soul; Don't forget the dash ho
Put your baton this no 100 yard dash though