Big Sean - Iraq lyrics

Iraq in this bitch, Iraq
I turn the club to
Iraq in this bitch x2
One call
Iraq in this bitch x3
Better get on
Iraq in this bitch
Iraq in this bitch, Iraq
You better get on
Iraq in this bitch x3

(Big Sean)
Now why why why
Would you compare me to you
If you think we're equal
Then bitch you are remedial
Remember who you're speaking to
Call it egotistical
But I am one of one

Yup and there is not a sequel, sequel
Soon as I approach in
Please do not approach him
Or you will need a little more than Ibuprofen B.I.G.
Please try and test us
One hand gesture
We'll fill they ass with lead like standardized testin, testin
And you already know where I live
How could I make it out that bitch being a bitch
(I know) I'ma drink glass after glass
(I know) I tend to act for ass over ass
Better stack I'll make your bitch come over
There's diamonds on deck like a nigger playin poker
I hear them niggas talkin but all they do is look
See to you I'm Mr. Big but to him I'm Mr. Bush
Bitch look bitch