Big Scoob - All I Kno Is Hood lyrics

Tramp yap yooby or yicky is all ratchet
whore slut bitch or a floozy the same reaction,
blood cuhz nothin but thugs we’re all active,
Mean mug up in the club, it makes us active!
hard heads goonies so Loony ready for action,
Five blocks, six and seven, nigga was hapn'en!
Hood shit hoodies and dickies that’s how I dress,
Real spit, homie, you know me, I am a mess!
White v diamonds be shinning throughout my teeth,
No sleep, hustling and grindin they’re trying to eat,
Brain wire, all I desire is grimey shit.
Flame fire out of the muzzle when choppers spit,
Nice games stay in my lane a gudda bitch
thick hips loving my fame, but she ain’t shit,
hood rich chef in the kitchen, I got that twist.
So slick, planning and plotting my next…

Chorus: (x2)
All I kno is hood!
All I kno is hood!
All I kno is hood!
All I kno is hood!

…it’s no difference, it’s all itching,
Drop it, lock it, rock it, I’m twisting it in the kitchen.’s all heat, blocking, popping, dropping, more stopping if…
..difference in all moves,
Hustle, jogger, conquer, .. I can’t lose!
Cheap cheese, paper and … in bushes we all fit!
Since these bitches witness, inform me, it’s all the same
Shaking, backing, kidnapping, taping, piss on his grave,
Gang bang, raping the name I’m from the soil,
Rap game, nothing but flames, I got that oil!
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..leaking like I’mma boil,
Old school, acting a fool, that doc is a royal!
Slam speech, talking the streets, I’m trying to teach,
Preach, heat over this beef, expand my reach.

Chorus: (x2)
All I kno is hood!
All I kno is hood!
All I kno is hood!
All I kno is hood! parents, my…
Pussy.. privilege, I lick this, is all I got!
Thieves, phonies, fakers and ..they want it from me,
Muscle, hustle, tussle and struggle, I need my money!
…now I’m the target,
Bad intentions, vengeance, ..I’m with it, let’s get it started!
Rain, pain, walk with the flame…
Street beast, bring me the beef and watch me…
No sleep for a week I’m chasing paper,
So creeps ..with the heat, I’m in my scraper.
So deep, most of my.. they didn’t make it,
..resting in peace, this shit is sacred,
Music moving up in this moving, ut I’m still losing,
Trying to do it, prove it, pursuing and get down through it!
Slack down, come and get it, I knew I could,
So strong, taking the.. back to the hood!

Chorus: (x2)
All I kno is hood!
All I kno is hood!
All I kno is hood!
All I kno is hood!