Big Kuntry King - Intro lyrics

(feat. Lil Duval)

Ain't no dick ridin, money makin killas here
I'm gon keep on killin shit until a nigga get a mil
Niggas talkin down, I ain't say that "Ey, hate the South" (? )
Come to the underground, you see those slaves walkin out
Bricks, we supplyin them, birdwatchers, eyin them
Haters, well we eyin them, the snitches, we retire them
Ain't nobody fly as him, I'm picture perfect like HD Feeling
Big homie, yeah, that be him
Niggas try to copy, would that be them
I swear I'm rollin all through their ears
I'm so real when it come, this here
My fans happy that a gangsta's here
A real live trapper, these niggas ain't gangstas
They wanna be best rapper, they likely never microphone (? )
When a real nigga tryna get grind on
Nigga talk shit, gettin clapped up
Get a chopper style like a audience
You already know you ain't hard to hit
Shown you fake, you outta here
When it come to the streets, my heart is here
On the stage, where you want me at?
Look at arenas gettin packed
Security, they ain't movin back
Cause the cocaine, I spend that