Big K.R.I.T. - The Vent (Live) lyrics (Chinese translation). | A mother lost a child
, I try to ease her pain
, It's only God's will
, She says she felt the same
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Big K.R.I.T. - The Vent (Live) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: A mother lost a child
ZH: 一位母亲失去了孩子

EN: I try to ease her pain
ZH: 我试着以减轻她的痛苦

EN: It's only God's will
ZH: 它是唯一上帝的旨意

EN: She says she felt the same
ZH: 她说她有同样的感受

EN: It’s funny how the sun will up and battle rain
ZH: 真好笑太阳如何将向上和战斗雨

EN: As if the clouds couldn’t stand to see me outside again
ZH: 因为如果云不忍心再看到我外

EN: Wrote a rhyme that was kind with some vision to it
ZH: 写的是亲切与对它的一些视觉韵

EN: Bottom line it might expand your mind if you listen to it
ZH: 底线它可能扩展你的思维如果你听它

EN: Too much shine can dull the soul
ZH: 太阳光可以枯燥的灵魂

EN: If you feel how I feel, then I'll rap some more
ZH: 如果你觉得我的感受,然后会说唱更多

EN: How can the devil take my brother if he's close to me?
ZH: 如何魔鬼可以采取我的兄弟,如果他是我?

EN: When he was everything I wasn’t but I hoped to be
ZH: 他的一切的时候我不是,但我希望是

EN: I get a little honest and I ask myself
ZH: 有点诚实再我问我自己

EN: If the time come will you save me if I ask for help?
ZH: 如果到了的时候你会救我问的帮助?

EN: Sent my mind on a journey to the outter most
ZH: 发送我心中之旅圆到最

EN: To document what it had seen & cc me the notes
ZH: 若要记录它见证了什么 & 抄送给我注意到

EN: And ask Kurt Cobain why? Cause I need to know
ZH: 与 Kurt Cobain 问为什么?我需要知道的原因

EN: He stopped when he had such a way long to go
ZH: 他停下来时他有一种长时间去

EN: I saw love in the eyes of a perfect stranger
ZH: 我看到了一个完美的陌生人眼中爱

EN: She overlooked my caring heart in search of a gangster
ZH: 她忽略了我寻找一个黑帮老大的关爱之心

EN: Will we ever be together only time will tell
ZH: 我们再在一起只有时间会告诉

EN: She call my phone and talked to me as if i was swell
ZH: 她打电话给我的手机和我谈话,是否膨胀

EN: I put my problems in a box beside my tightest rhymes, under lock & key buried deep off in my mind
ZH: 我把我的问题放在一个框的旁边我最严格的押韵下锁 & 埋深关闭在脑海中的关键

EN: & when it gets too full and I can't close the lid I spaz out on my family and my closest friends
ZH: & 当它获取太满,不能盖上我上我的家人和我最亲密的朋友一起,镇静

EN: Trade my materials for a peace of mind
ZH: 贸易我材料对内心的和平

EN: I am so close to heaven, hell, I just need some time
ZH: 我是那么近天堂、 地狱、 我只是需要一些时间

EN: Who cares about life and the high’s and low’s
ZH: 谁在乎生活和高的和低的

EN: Maybe I should write another song about pimps and hoes
ZH: 也许我应该写另一首歌的皮条客和锄头

EN: Cars & clothes. Idol Gods. golden calves. Louis scarves
ZH: 车 & 的衣服。偶像神。金牛犊。路易围巾

EN: I do this for the love and it’s free of charge
ZH: 我做这为爱和它是免费的

EN: I don’t need jail to be behind bars
ZH: 我不需要,被关在监狱的监狱

EN: This is purely art
ZH: 这是纯粹的艺术

EN: In my grandma's household this was surely taught
ZH: 在我奶奶家家用这是肯定教

EN: Don’t be naïve, yeah, these times are hard
ZH: 别天真,是的这些时间是硬

EN: In the mist of all the glamour I hope you’ll find God
ZH: 在所有的魅力的雾中,我希望你能找到神

EN: I never wished to be the burden bearer
ZH: 我永远不希望成为负担持票人

EN: But souls need saving and it’s now or never
ZH: 但灵魂需要保存和它的现在或从未

EN: shock value is all they wanna see
ZH: 冲击值是所有他们想要看到

EN: It’s us against them and it’s just you and me
ZH: 这是我们对他们和它是只有你和我

EN: Trying to take heat what I say in my songs
ZH: 想要热我说什么在我的歌

EN: Forgive me if I ever ever steered you wrong
ZH: 原谅我如果过过操纵你错了

EN: Most people stop for signs but I driven through it
ZH: 大部分人停止的迹象,但我通过它驱动

EN: If it don’t touch my soul then I can’t listen to it
ZH: 如果它别碰我的灵魂然后我不能听它

EN: The radio don’t play the shit I used to love
ZH: 收音机不玩我以前很喜欢的东西

EN: Or maybe I am just growing up
ZH: 或也许只长大了

EN: I never seen a star on a red rug
ZH: 我从没见过在红色的地毯上的一颗星

EN: If I wanna see stars I just look above
ZH: 如果我想要看见的星星只是抬头

EN: To the heavens
ZH: 到天堂

EN: I know you’ve been down so long
ZH: 我知道你一直向下这么久

EN: So I’ll be stronger for you
ZH: 所以我会给你更强

EN: I know you’ve been down so long
ZH: 我知道你一直向下这么久

EN: Cause I’ve been down too
ZH: 太过下来的原因

EN: Yes I understand what you're going through
ZH: 是我明白你的经历

EN: Yes I understand cause I am going through it too
ZH: 是的我明白我太会通过它的原因

EN: I pray that you find your way and all things old become new
ZH: 我祈祷你找到你的方式,所有的东西老成为新

EN: I pray that you find your way
ZH: 我祈祷你找到你的方式

EN: For my sake cause I'm lost too
ZH: 为我的缘故因为我迷路了太

EN: Yes I understand what you are going through
ZH: 是我明白你正在经历

EN: Yes I understand cause I am going through it too
ZH: 是的我明白我太会通过它的原因

EN: I lost my friend this morning
ZH: 今天早上我失去了我的朋友

EN: Woke up screaming her name
ZH: 醒来喊她的名字

EN: She meant so much to me
ZH: 她的意思是对我很重要

EN: I'm scared I won’t be the same
ZH: 怕我不会是相同的

EN: Hope you understand what I'm going through
ZH: 希望你能明白怎么

EN: Hope you understand when I call out for you
ZH: 希望你能明白你呼唤时

EN: To vent
ZH: 来发泄