Big K.R.I.T. - Purpose (King Remembered In Time Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | I was born in '86
, Despite the rules and weights
, Survived the wild and returned with these, bear...

Big K.R.I.T. - Purpose (King Remembered In Time Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I was born in '86
ZH: 我是 86 年出生

EN: Despite the rules and weights
ZH: 尽管规则和权重

EN: Survived the wild and returned with these, bear furs on my back
ZH: 活野生和返回与这些,在我背上熊毛皮

EN: Defeat the family, drank the wine, get faced to garden
ZH: 击败家庭,喝了酒,获取所面临的花园

EN: And face the God and run for skeins, the winners call
ZH: 面对上帝和对绞线,得奖者调用运行

EN: But we were chose the rose above, the darker skies
ZH: 但我们选择了上文,玫瑰的较暗的天空

EN: Final, kiss we are underneath
ZH: 我们是在底下的最后,吻

EN: At final thumbly, the only ground to pure my soul
ZH: 在 thumbly,最后对纯净的唯一理由我的灵魂

EN: And quip my teeth, final flight is going down
ZH: 讥讽地说我的牙齿去最后一次飞行

EN: What main must be said, life feet before my father's crown
ZH: 必须说什么主,生活脚前父亲的皇冠

EN: A kingdom made him, made it all my blue Lb can be with those
ZH: 王国作他,让这一切我蓝色的 Lb 可以与那些

EN: Stand between be careful, waste your fix is glory's pix
ZH: 立场之间应小心、 废物您修复是荣耀的像素

EN: Heavens when I die for, I swallowed the devils and bought on me
ZH: 当我死为我吞下了鬼子,我买的天堂

EN: I deal with life accordingly, one day at the time
ZH: 因此,我处理的生活一天的时间

EN: And the keen that we are, at certain fall I'll pray one day we'll be fine
ZH: 我们在某些秋天我会祈祷 keen 有一天我们会好起来

EN: So many have long and go, so many got lip behind
ZH: 所以很多有长和去,这么多的嘴唇在背后

EN: But this times travels an orphan, rather chose to be or to charm
ZH: 但这次旅行是孤儿,而是选择做或到魅力

EN: Planning still a lot, these angels watch over
ZH: 规划仍然很多,这些天使守护

EN: I break the chain they dare put this medals on my shoulders
ZH: 我打断他们敢把这枚奖牌放在我肩上的链

EN: 'Cause I hate those fool
ZH: 因为我讨厌那些傻瓜

EN: You'll be different
ZH: 你就会不一样

EN: You fine come for your family
ZH: 你没事来为您的家庭

EN: A power lies in your fate and beliefs
ZH: 你的命运和信仰的力量在于

EN: Is a king we are proud, or king that calls all on
ZH: 是我们感到自豪,国王或呼吁所有的国王

EN: This is purpose.
ZH: 这是目的。