Read and translate Big K.R.I.T. - King (Pt. 4) (It's Better This Way Album) lyrics. | [Intro: Dj Drama]
, Let's go, K.R.I.T
, See when it comes to god given talent
, And whenever form is...

Big K.R.I.T. - King (Pt. 4) (It's Better This Way Album) lyrics

[Intro: Dj Drama]
Let's go, K.R.I.T
See when it comes to god given talent
And whenever form is given
Most of us learn our journey at a early age
Sometimes the worlds teaching
Guides us to the highest path
Other times, the teacher negates our gifts
And blocks the shine
I'm here to tell you
When you're destined for greatness
No one'll block and stop that journey
Don't follow the leaders, be the leaders

[Verse 1]
I was prepared for the worst
Dug in deep, cause I emerged from the dirt
My nigga said "You ain't the only one"
But in truth, you got to be the first
Cause you can see the good and the bad
And you'll turn down the bad
That's a gift and a curse
I envy your will to be a better man
In a world where a better man don't even stand a chance on this earth
Bible talk, they told me that I can keep that
This time I'll leave the sheep where the sheep at
And I pray that when the wolves fall through
Their stomach still full, so they won't eat that
Which is mine? I really think I'm wasting time
Worried 'bout my people and all they sayin'
Fuck me cause I was too determined to ball
But if you knew that you could fly, nigga why did you fall?
I'm feeling like LeBron more than ever
They givin' nigga the praise, but I'm knowing that I'm better
So, fuck a ring if it don't make me a great
Why you doing too much? I'ma do what it takes
I got a chip on my shoulder the size of a boulder
That a giant wouldn't even bother to hold up
Like, Krizzle why you carrying this?
Cause it ain't enough soil I can bury it with
And it ain't enough weight, that's the scariest shit
That means I was built for more, trial and error
Almost burst into tears when I saw my brother's kids
Like I couldn't have this, I gotta keep it together
But I've been chasing, way too much chasing
They'll never give me what I deserve, just face it
Fuck faking, fuck pretending like you know my story
Or whats it like to be mistaken as a basic
Country bumpkin, watermelon
Chicken eatin', collard greens
Neckbone chillin' motherfucker
We’re the butt of all jokes grew up here
And we'll show you have no clue of what it's like to be southern
Knowing you a king and in spite all you dream
Had to be a nightmare for you to wake up
And those two albums means what the label bet money on
Another excuse that they scrape up
For me to do it out of pleasure, another pay cut
And they wonder why a nigga never say much
I never was the begging type
I couldn't picture this shit, I never cared for likes
I never cared for what your opinion would be
And even if I did, nigga shame on me
I live my life, a hundred fucking miles and running
Only for a nigga to sit and try to tell me something about the music
Culture, consumer, vultures
The music that I make ain't for radio
[?] the people just wanna hit the club and have fun
And I don't make that kind of shit and that's really the culprit
Art is art no matter how you sculpt it
Mold it, grow it, only to go unnoticed
Cause nowadays we just focus on them thots
And niggas selling kool aid on a soapbox
I'm imprisoned to my mission, screaming listen
Lord I wish I could stop
I wish I could tell them 'bout the book
But they caught up in the movie, lights and the props
The pyro, and the award shows and the fancy clothes
And we're lost, extorting the have nots
Man fuck this shit