Big Engine - Kings Of The Rock N' Roll Crowd lyrics

My Girlfriend's wishin' that I'd get some ambition
I gotta get my life on track
The boss is such a jerk, always piling on the work
And man I've had enough of that

I'm gonna head downtown, find the coolest bar around
And I ain't ever looking back

We're all in this together
So crank up the music and let's get loud
Tonight won't last forever
But tonight we're the Kings Of The Rock N' Roll Crowd

Well the bill collectors calling, says my credit score is falling
And everything I owe's past due
But there's a party going on, we gotta keep it going strong

When you've got nothin' you've got nothin' to loose

So let's forget about the past and raise up our glass
Cause tonight I wanna party with you

Well I tried to go fishin' but I tore up my tranmission
And had to hitch a ride back home
But you know it just ain't right to stay home on Friday night
So I picked up my telephone

I called some crazy friends where the party never ends
They picked me up and then we were gone