Big Dumb Face - Count Her Fit lyrics

Fakin' me out,
You wear a mask,
Called count-her-fit, (x5)
Fakin' me out,
You wear a...

Hey man wake up and smell the concrete,
Try to see change like she O.D.ed
See her dead in the grasses,
I can't buy this, reality bites,
But that's what life is,
We'll be you when you get up,
And every rock day will take it off,
Flavorful artificial bond,
Violent mood swings,
Even when you finish, I'll see you two,

What are you?
A count-her-fit?
Being you...

I'm that one that wonders,
If I could be a clone,
Who will then been nothing around,
All of your misery,
Figuring my new style,
Found out the counterfeit,
Going down the history,
Is nothing but a copycat,
Thinking that you might need,
A ball, that's right where you hit us at,
All those abrasions, your allusions,
Down goes blackout, down was your weekend,
Scream from the limp from the silence,
A hit quick smack with the phone whip,

You're a ,
Hold dear to your lies,
And I'm sick of you, dude,
And that was count-her-fit,
We just figured you out,

And disregard your life?
Disregret your friends?
Even stole your appearance,
Hang around with my mom,
But you never try, and learn are you?
So you can stop being a faggot,
Fakin' me out...
Fakin' me out...
you wear a mask...

Fakin' me out,
you wear a mask,
Called count-her-fit, (x3)

Fakin' me out,
you wear a mask called...
Get away, Goddamn suck my dick,

Fakin' me out,
You wear a mask,
Called count-her-fit,(x5)
Fakin' me out,
You wear a...

Now we've done to change you,
Or rearrange your lifestyle,
Live like a wild child,
But we've seen so blind,
I seem so blind,
I never really knew you were a...


You're freakin' me out...(x9)
(I'm a freak? bitch!)