Big Cali - Did You Lock Your Door? lyrics

What exactly do I look forward to
When those best times become clear in my rearview
I told you that we'd make it through
but I don't think you noticed the lump in my throat
It seemed so recent with certainty
That our lives were star crossed with destiny
But now your doubts have rubbed off on me
These arguments have no resolve
And now I'm watching our feelings dissolve.....

But I can still remember your sweet smell
Remember when your shoe got stuck and you fell
I can still laugh cause I have our memories
I don't want my best friend to become one of my enemies
I hope one day we talk about this time and passionately kiss
Cause I know that love is forever and we'll just reminisce
About those nights in college where I'd spend the whole day with you
And when I'd get home we'd ask each other what we would do that night
But both knew the answers to our own questions
And I'd come over and hold you in my arms once more
Because there was no question who we woke up for
And all those times I forgot to lock the door
I hope I can forgot to lock the door one more time

And I still remember your sweet smell
And I still remember that day I put on too much cologne
Your roommates thought I was a weirdo, but we just laughed behind their backs
And I still remember all those nights that you fell asleep in my arms
And I still remember when you asked me at McDonalds if your pants looked okay
That's when I remembered all these things and remembered what love felt like
But I don't want to fall out of love again.
Please lets just make up again.
I don't want an enemy, I just want my best friend...