Big Boy - Give Up lyrics

If you feel sad
If you have had
More than too much
If you don't want to go
On and on
If you lost touch
You think you had enough
And you just wanna know
Why everything's so
Wrong so wrong
When you look back
At the things you have had

If you could learn
From each time they've burnt
All that you've earned
All that you've learned
If you'd get laid
For each time you've prayed

You just give up again
Everything's lost
Everyone's gone
You just won't try again
No one can hurt you then
No one will stay
You can not run away
When you realize
You threw your life away

What would you do
If you already knew
What yet to come
Going insane
And all the pain
Had just begun
Today's full of hate
And you're afraid
That father and son
Have forgotten your name
But it won't be too late
When you will be saved