Big Boi - Shutterbug lyrics (Chinese translation). | Verse 1-
, Uh, I keep it playa while some choose to play it safe
, Boy check the resume, it’s...
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Big Boi - Shutterbug (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Verse 1-
ZH: 诗 1-

EN: Uh, I keep it playa while some choose to play it safe
ZH: 呃,我把它普拉亚虽然有些选择播放安全

EN: Boy check the resume, it’s risky business in the A
ZH: 男孩检查简历,这是高风险的业务 a

EN: And I’ve been a witness to this history
ZH: 这一历史见证过了。

EN: Ever since the the 10th grade
ZH: 自从 10 级

EN: We went from rockin brades to temp fades
ZH: 从别爱布雷兹小学到临时消失了

EN: I twist my A hat to the side just for style
ZH: 我扭我一顶帽子,只为风格侧

EN: or throw on the Gucci bucket with the flowers super fly
ZH: 或扔上与花超级飞古奇斗

EN: Wow, the southern pride been known to shut it down
ZH: 哇,南部的骄傲已经知道将其关闭

EN: But it ain’t so country my nigga this ain’t no Gomer Pile
ZH: 但它是不是国家著你这不是没有篾桩

EN: I’m sergeant slaughter
ZH: 我是警长屠宰

EN: I keep my shit cooked to order in order
ZH: 我把我的排泄物煮熟,在订单

EN: To satisfy my people in Georgia and across the water
ZH: 为满足我的人在格鲁吉亚和跨水

EN: And across the boarder the essays are getting smarter. They got flour for tortillas and lettuce for enchiladas. if you follow wink wink. no doubt we don't speak. in a blink them folks could have you sleeping in the clink. I'm shittin' on niggas and pee'ing on the seat. It's the nigga the BIG BOI OUT
ZH: 跨边城散文越来越聪明。他们把面粉玉米饼和生菜的 enchiladas。如果您按照折腾。毫无疑问,我们不要说话。在眨眼间他们乡亲可以让你睡在监狱中。我是 shittin' 兄弟和 pee'ing 的座位上。它是大 BOI 出爱

EN: Hook:
ZH: 挂钩:

EN: Now party people in the club it's time to cut a rug and throw the deuce up in the sky just for the shutrerbuggs. I'm double fisted and if you're empty you can grab a cup. Boy stop, i'm just playing. Let me dap you up. baby baby you're in my system. baby baby tell me your listening.
ZH: 现在党是削减地毯,只为 shutrerbuggs 天空中吐见鬼的时候,俱乐部的人。我双渐入佳境,如果你是空你可以抓住一杯。男孩站,我只玩。让我 dap 你了。宝贝宝贝,你在我的系统。宝贝宝贝告诉我你的听力。

EN: Verse 2:
ZH: 诗歌 2:

EN: Boy, it's after 12, club's like A Hive Bee, A bee hive cause not everybody buzzin around me. Could it be the way the verse is sounding? Came up on the Gheto Boys and the Underground Kingz. Toys, I had a brougham, called it pretty brown thing. Paint look like root beer when the sun was shining. Known to keep a bad bitch. No niggas beside me. Index finger on the trigger in case niggas is clowning. Not to flex but to protect my neck like the Wu-Tang. Self-preservation is the rule when you do aim. Or get in something more sinister. You gotta be the finisher to make it sure the doctors, they can't replenish him. Or bring him back to life. Back to reality. Gone get on some hoes leave it alone. Triple OG status A town's very own.
ZH: 孩子,这是 12 后, 俱乐部的喜欢蜂巢蜜蜂,蜜蜂导致不 buzzin 在我周围的每个人。它可能方式诗句听上去吗?Gheto 男孩和地下 Kingz 上来。玩具,彭蒙惠,称为 it 漂亮的棕色的事了。油漆看起来就像根啤酒时,阳光灿烂。已知保持一个坏的婊子。没有你在我的身边。食指上黑鬼小丑的案例中的触发器。不要弯曲,而是要保护我的脖子像吴唐。自我保护是规则,当你的目标。或者得到的东西更加险恶。你必须使它的精轧机肯定的医生,他们不能补充他。或把他带回的生活。回到现实。在一些锄头去的获取不要动它。OG 状态镇属于自己的三倍。

EN: Hook:
ZH: 挂钩:

EN: Bridge:
ZH: 桥:

EN: Now this goes out to all my playas in the back sippin' yack. Bendin' 'round corners in the 'lac. Cut a rug, playa, now cut a rug. And throw yo' deuce up in the sky for the shutterbugg. And this goes out to all my ladies in the front. What you want? You make me wanna breed. Girl freeze. Cut a rug, lady, now cut a rug. And throw yo' deuce up in the sky for the shutterbugg.
ZH: 现在这正好我所有普拉 sippin' yack 的背亚斯。Bendin' '圆角的' 紫胶。普拉亚,削减的地毯,现在砍地毯。并引发哟 ' shutterbugg 的天空中两点了。我在前面的所有女士的都呐喊。你想要什么?你让我想繁殖。女孩冻结。剪切的地毯,小姐,现在砍地毯。并引发哟 ' shutterbugg 的天空中两点了。

EN: Hook:
ZH: 挂钩:

EN: Outro:
ZH: 连播:

EN: Tell me you're listening cause you all up in my system I can feel you from my head to my toes. (You're in my system) Lucious Leftfoot's got his best foot forward darling Lord have mercy how them flows stay so cold, froze. (Tell me you're listening)
ZH: 告诉我你在听你在我的系统我能感觉你从我的头,我的脚趾的原因。(你在我的系统)Lucious Leftfoot 得到了他最好的脚向前亲爱的耶和华有怜悯他们流动呆这么冷,如何冻结了。(告诉我你在听)