Big Boi - Follow Us (feat. Vonnegutt) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Big Boi]
, With one stroke of the pen I tune in to your satellite radio
, or FM station; I've been...
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Big Boi - Follow Us (feat. Vonnegutt) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Big Boi]
ZH: [大 Boi]

EN: With one stroke of the pen I tune in to your satellite radio
ZH: 用笔一挥我收听你的卫星收音机

EN: or FM station; I've been patiently waitin, to weigh in
ZH: 或 FM 电台 ;我过了耐心闹情绪,要称重

EN: Been under construction for two years
ZH: 修建了两年

EN: But now it's 'bout that time I double-dutch my way in
ZH: 但如今已成为 ' bout 那时候,我跟我的方式在

EN: Left foot, right foot, steppin over biters
ZH: 左脚、 右脚,在咬著眷恋

EN: It's like the game is haunted cause there's so many ghostwriters
ZH: 就像游戏是闹鬼的原因有很多 ghostwriters

EN: Me, see I'm a lifer with supply that may seem endless
ZH: 我,看我是一个无期徒刑犯可能看起来无休止的供应

EN: Straight rider like a biker on a chopper with a hitlist
ZH: 像上一架直升机与 hitlist 骑自行车的人直车手

EN: Witness, the nigga that spit that vicious
ZH: 证人,吐痰有恶意的黑鬼

EN: Pitbull attack shit when it comes to this rap shit
ZH: Pitbull 攻击屎当它来到这个该死的 rap

EN: ... Daddy Fat Sax (bitch) follow us
ZH: ...爸爸胖 Sax (婊子) 跟随我们

EN: [Chorus 2X: Neil Garrard]
ZH: [合唱 2 X: 尼尔 · 加勒德]

EN: Follow us, now
ZH: 现在跟着我们,

EN: Try to all the way, now
ZH: 请尝试到一路现在

EN: It's not another let, down
ZH: 它不是另一个让下

EN: Got somethin to say, right now
ZH: 请你尽淡忘现在就说,

EN: [Big Boi]
ZH: [大 Boi]

EN: I know some of y'all done wrote a nigga off
ZH: 我知道你们做的写一个黑鬼

EN: Like the leases on these cars and these homes you niggaz thought
ZH: 对这些车和这些院舍契约一样你们这些黑鬼以为

EN: you stayed in, with so many bosses why are they still
ZH: 你呆在与那么多的老板他们为什么仍然

EN: layin niggaz off they job? Nigga for real
ZH: 谂关闭他们的黑鬼的工作吗?真正的黑鬼

EN: Gon' give a nigga a gig then
ZH: 尼泊尔政府 ' 然后给黑鬼演出

EN: Help a brother get up out this pigpen
ZH: 帮兄弟起床出去这猪圈

EN: But nobody wants to keep it pimpin or 110
ZH: 但没人想要保留它 pimpin 或 110

EN: So with this pen I begin to illustrate from within, boy (boy)
ZH: 这支钢笔我所以开始,在范围内,从说明男孩 (男孩)

EN: [Neil Garrard]
ZH: [尼尔 · 加勒德]

EN: Paint a pretty picture like I'm chillin with my friends
ZH: 一幅画很像我和我的朋友我好难受

EN: Everybody's got a pocket full of ends to spend
ZH: 每个人都有个口袋的两端花全

EN: [Big Boi]
ZH: [大 Boi]

EN: See Picasso couldn't blend, put it all together or fit in
ZH: 请看毕加索不能混合,把它放在一起或适合

EN: I'm like a crocodile walkin 'round with alligator skin
ZH: 我就像一只鳄鱼与鳄鱼皮圆 walkin '

EN: Yes I'm is, the product of the ghetto where I lived
ZH: 是的我是,犹太区的产品住的地方

EN: Call me Spongebob boy (boy) soaked up game as a little bitty kid
ZH: 叫我吸收了作为一个小小的孩子游戏的男孩海绵宝宝 (男孩)

EN: And never been a lame, before the fame I was the shit
ZH: 从来没有一个残废的在成名之前我是屎

EN: And now I'm just Big, ya dig?
ZH: 和我现在只是大震遐挖吗?

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Neil Garrard]
ZH: [尼尔 · 加勒德]

EN: Why don't you come and find out
ZH: 你为什么不要来和找出吗

EN: What this is all, about
ZH: 这是什么所有约

EN: I, will only say this once
ZH: 一、 将只说这一次

EN: So, come and follow us
ZH: 所以,来,跟着我们

EN: [Big Boi]
ZH: [大 Boi]

EN: See we not even gonna play with 'em either
ZH: 看看我们甚至不会也和他们一起玩

EN: We gon' la-la-lay it down every fuckin time we see 'em
ZH: 我们尼泊尔政府 ' la la 放置我们看到的每一个心的时间下来

EN: Make the club get crunk, yea, we them type of people
ZH: 使俱乐部拿吱吱嘎嘎,是的我们这些类型的人

EN: But wait, it's not a sequel, no wait, it's BB's prequel
ZH: 但等等,它不是一个续集,没有等待,它是 BB 的前传

EN: The beginnin before the beginnin, spend it how you spend it
ZH: Beginnin beginnin 之前, 花它你花多少钱

EN: Then, if you sell dope nigga stack it when you get it
ZH: 然后,如果你卖毒品黑鬼堆栈它当你得到它

EN: Can't trick it, or spend it until it's gone
ZH: 不能欺骗,或花它,直到它消失

EN: That's slippery business holmes, gon' get you a business loan
ZH: 这就是滑商务福尔摩斯,尼泊尔政府 ' 给你一笔商业贷款

EN: C'mon!
ZH: 来吧 !

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Outro: Big Rube]
ZH: [尾发挥: 大鲁博]

EN: Now I lay you niggaz down
ZH: 现在我放下你的黑鬼

EN: You already sleep so bitch rest in eternal peace
ZH: 你已经睡那么婊子休息中永恒的和平

EN: You still scared of the Boogeyman?
ZH: 你还怕那变态?

EN: I know you hatin but you know you was a 'Kast and a Goodie fan
ZH: 我知道你看不惯但你知道你是 ' 喀斯特和咕迪风扇

EN: Ain't no night light, it's light's out
ZH: 不是没有小夜灯,它的光的出

EN: I put these lyrics up your ass so far you never get the mic out
ZH: 我把你的屁股到目前为止你从来没有让麦克风出这些歌词

EN: I know who you wanna sound like
ZH: 我知道你想听的人

EN: With that Fruity Loop bullshit, fuck nigga night-night
ZH: 果味循环胡说他妈的黑鬼夜